Barry Forshaw

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Barry Forshaw. Engelsk ekspert indenfor krimigenren samt skribent og journalist. Har blandt andet skrevet Death in a Cold Climate: A Guide to Scandinavian Crime Fiction. Gæster Krimimessen 2012.

Skrevet om Death in a Cold Climate:

‘Death in a Cold Climate is both intelligent and perceptive. Humble it is not. It is, to my knowledge, the most complete guide to Scandinavian crime fiction yet written in any language, an invaluable companion for anyone interested in the genre.’
– Mons Kallentoft, Financial Times

‘Extensive, penetrating and intelligently written, Barry Forshaw’s book is the most fulfilling work on the strange genre of Nordic Noir I have ever encountered.’
– Håkan Nesser, author of The Inspector and Silence

‘Death in a Cold Climate is a comprehensive and authoritative guide to the fictional underbelly of the Nordic psyche, whose popularity has become the publishing sensation of the century. Perceptive, witty and awesomely well-researched.’
– Andrew Taylor, author of The American Boy

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